Tfnf's The Space Station franchises This Friday or Next Friday as a flat pack, modular, compact, spontaneous replica of the the brick and mortar, flagship location in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Current outposts include Live at the Archway in DUMBO, Brooklyn and ImagineIF Libraries in Kalispell, MT, and a roving outpost currently at the Brooklyn Public Library's Brower Park branch and then the Hamptons.

This informational video provides background to the mission, structure, origin, and future of Tfnf and Tfnf's The Space Station.
Witness here the unbelievably fast assembly of the 2nd Generation model of Tfnf's The Space Station at Live at the Archway!

Watch as visitors have a blast with the 1st Generation of Tfnf's The Space Station!

Observe the movements of these harvester ants colonizing an IKEA Ribba frame. This inspired the design for the 4th Generation AE model of Tfnf's The Space Station which will house ant colonies in each of the panels that compose the structure! But these will live in ant farm gel designed for space!